Friday, December 19, 2008

She's funny that way

So at the bequest of several lovely ladies, I decided to write a short note.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning. I couldn't tell you why. I mostly just sat there in bed and thought through my day, which revolves around the fact that I have two finals left, and then it is party time. I don't even know what I am going to do but I am going to do it until I pass out.

I need to get a new drivers license or I will have a warrant out for my arrest in Idaho on Christmas eve. I feel kind of like a criminal.

So I feel satisfied with the semester, even though it isn't over till tonight at 10ish. It was probably my worst one in terms of grades and luck with girls, but I have made some great friends and I am feeling like I am getting the swing of things again. The coming semester should be really good.

I don't know how Lolita called it but she did. She just knows I guess. I need to find and post a picture of the Bailarina that she has in her house. That is her in the picture with one of my roommates and the picture in the background we have all coveted since we met her.

Last night I found out from an old friend that they are bringing back Jazz Voices. It is the best news I have heard this semester. I am going to the HFAC as soon as I am done here to sign up for an audition. I will drop all of my classes if necessary to take this one.

So here is a trio of unrelated haikus.. you could link them together but it is a stretch. They also seem very off the wall, but if you only knew Dolores Grimaldo.... (Mijo, you'll never make it, I know you).

looking but no luck
Lola was so very right
can I pull a scrooge?

a girl falls asleep
she looks so very peaceful
why is it not real

you get distracted
it never seems to go well
finals really suck

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AmAnDA!!! said...

i choose to believe that i am mentioned several times in this blog. it makes me feel special. Hey i once wrote a blog about you. Time to return the favor buddy!
WHo else gives you glow in the dark glasses?