Monday, October 12, 2009

And We Will Fly

Things in P-town are going great. Being married is the best thing ever. Even better than I imagined. Our house is finally mostly put together how we want it, and we love our neighbors (except the ones that take up two parking spots... we still love them, but it is annoying). Midterms are coming around again, but they haven't been that bad this semester. I really love playing with O chem models in the testing center. It makes the test seem more like a game.

Next week is Homecoming Spectacular, which means that it is time to spend 12+ hours for mens chorus rehearsals and two performances. It is going to be a lot of fun doing our Pirates of Penzance "hoopla" (the codeword for fun, because "there is no fun in Mens Chorus").

An O chem Haiku

Don't stress on your test
If ye are prepared, no fears
It is just a game